Customs Logistics in Service of Company Logistics

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Customs administration has become extremely complicated these days. In fact, in addition to the formerly used traditional export-import customs clearance practices, the EU regulations have opened up the way for lots of new customs procedures that can efficiently serve such basic corporate activities as production and trade.

Customs administration is perceived by many people as something that hinders (customs formalities) and increases the cost of (customs debts) production. In reality, today it is already possible to establish and employ such customs technology that will not hinder business activities at all and that are able to minimize the amount and optimize the timing of the customs debts.

Customs logistics is the procedure that forms an integral part of the underlying company logistics. It means that it is not the business entity in question that needs to adapt itself to some falsely interpreted customs regulations but, on the contrary, the relevant customs technology is established in view of the actual corporate operations and logistics.

It is clear from the foregoing that there are no such things as general customs logistics „recipes”. As a matter of fact, the required customs technology should advisably be custom-tailored to the actual operations and logistics of the various business entities. The set of tools used by customs logistics includes the development of appropriate customs procedures, with special regard to special customs procedures and simplified procedures, the establishment of the required technical background (information technology) and, last but not least, the employment of highly qualified and experienced customs professionals.

Let’s see some examples of what has been said so far:

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